Professor Landry is active in research in the areas of advanced signal processing, smart embedded systems and mobile electronic devices, robust and secure, applied to space technology, navigation, modern avionics and communication systems. His researches covers several applications in electronics and transportation such as autonomous vehicles (UAVs), software defined radio, robust systems and high-precision navigational and reliable, and secure wireless communication.

He has two years of experience in the Canadian space industry (Spar Aerospace) before having spent 7 years of research in Europe. From 1993 to 1998, its research activities related to the robustness and electronic-measurement for GPS receivers (anti-jamminghigh sensitivity receivers) have allowed him to work with major European companies (the CNES and l’ESA-ESTEC for the French and European Space Agencies, SAGEMSextant Avionique (now Thales)l’ONERA-CERTl’OTAN, etc).

Full Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering at ÉTS and member of LACIME group since 1999, he founded the research laboratory LASSENA (founded in 1999 under the name of GRN) working in the field of space technologies, embedded systems, navigation and avionics for the civil and military projects under terrestrial and aerospace applications. Professor Landry is also a scuba-diving instructor and a commercial class pilot, multi-engine with flight instrument and seaplane annotations.

LANDRY, René Jr.

B.Sc.A. (Poly), M.Sc. (U.de Surrey), Mastère,
DEA, Ph.D (SupAéro), Post-Doc (CNES).

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