LASSENA is an evolution of the navigation and avionics research group, the GRNA founded by Professor Landry in 1999 (initially, the name GRN). Thus, LASSENA benefits from 13 years of experience and existence of the GRNA in the fields of navigation and avionics (student team, publications, material infrastructure, expertise, etc.).


The École de Technologie Supérieure de Montréal has established AÉROÉTS, an organization whose objective is to represent, promote and consolidate the teaching and research activities of ÉTS in the aerospace sector.

AÉROÉTS aims to become the leading provider of highly qualified personnel in both technological and leadership skills. AÉROÉTS also wants to position ÉTS nationally and internationally as a world-class school offering a complete and integrated program in this area.


LACIME (Communications and Microelectronics Integration Laboratory) is a group of professors working in the fields of communications and microelectronics. They notably exploit the complementarity of these two fields by pursuing both fundamental and applied research.